Johnson & Johnson

Main Mixing PLC migration

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Johnson & Johnson nominated Spin in 2015 as the main contractor to migrate some of their Main Mixing process from Festo PLC to Rockwell Allen Bradley.

The current main mixing process was working fine but due to obsolete Festo PLC parts and a potential treat for no breakdown replacement, only a short window was allowed for the migration job.

Some of the key responsibilities as part of the scope of works included:

  • Re-mapping and configuration of SCADA
  • Re-programming of PLC
  • Configuration and commissioning of field instrument
  • Provision training

A few of the project’s important highlights were:

  • In a short window of intense commissioning pressure, 0 safety incident was reported
  • Management of > 500 I/O
  • In just 2 days of shutdown, the program has been fully migrated and commissioned
  • In less than a week, the main mixing process is back to normal operation